3 Key Building Blocks For Visual Branding

3 Key Building Blocks For Visual Branding

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Recently we examined the need for branding your business. One of the most effective ways to do that is through visual branding.

Visual branding uses design elements to reflect your company’s personality and connect with followers. All successful social marketers develop relationships. Visual branding uses design elements to depict your company’s personality and make those connections. It uses design elements such as shape, color, materials finish, typography, and composition. In other words, it’s not what you say, it’s how you show it.

Visual branding certainly isn’t child’s play. Many design elements go into it. However, here are the three most important ones you need to decide on.

Colors. Marketing research shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that color matters. That recognition, in turn, links directly to consumer confidence in your company. And consumer confidence is the Holy Grail of every marketer.

The colors in your post should represent your persona. Are you a young, edgy startup? An experienced, trustworthy firm? A company dedicated to environmental sustainability? Your color choices help you convey those attributes in ways mere words can’t.

Not really sure how to match colors with your company character? Don’t worry. Sites like this one can help. Or you may consider hiring a social media marketing firm or expert. Their experience in visual branding could be invaluable to you.

Colors exude emotion. It can add to or discredit your message. Make sure your colors are consistent with your message. The more consistent you are with your colors, the easier it will be for people to recognize your brand.

Fonts. Like colors, typefaces communicate brand personality. Whether you want to be seen as sassy, classy, innovative or introspective, there are fonts that perfectly fit your voice. (I’m using the words typefaces and fonts interchangeably. If you’re a purist about the distinction, here is my defense.)

Just don’t go nuts. When it comes to fonts, less is more. Cramming five or six of them into a posting creates confusion and muddles your message. Instead, pick two fonts and use them consistently. Your headline might be in Font A and your text in Font B. For variety, switch them up. Create different moods by altering typeface leading and alignment. Emphasize certain phrases with boldface or italics. By skillfully altering just two fonts, you blend consistency with variety to achieve visual branding.

Fonts are able to evoke specific emotions. Over time, when you are consistent typographically across different communication channels establishes empathy and loyalty between your brand and audience.

Photos. The explosive growth of Instagram and Pinterest proves people respond favorably to photos. However, there’s no need to settle for a standard product or group shot. By applying a little creativity, you can turn a pedestrian photo into a captivating one.

Trying to portray a cool, detached persona? Consider posting stark black-and-white photos. Going for a nostalgic tone? Try applying a mezzotint to your pictures. Want to seem hip and fashionable? Add an unexpected splash of color in your shots.

Photos sell your brand’s personality and increase the visibility of your brand.

Colors, fonts, and photos. The three building blocks of visual branding. Once you match these elements to your brand personality, your social media marketing efforts will soar.


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