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About Us

I help small- and medium-size businesses develop and execute digital marketing strategies with website design, SEO and social media. I can also train their employees how to master Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and other marketing platforms. With a smart, targeted and well-thought-out approach, I provide strategic digital communications that has a significant return on investment for small businesses.

“What separates me from my competitors is not only do
I understand online marketing,
but I also understand those who don’t.”

My marketing experience gives me a special perspective and patience for those who are confused, threatened or just plain overwhelmed by digital marketing. I specialize in turning that negative thinking around, instilling a can-do attitude and guiding the company through the maze of options and opportunities.

My online marketing skills were honed long before there was website design, SEO and social media. I spent my 20s and 30s as an art director at some of America’s best ad agencies at the time, from Scali, McCable, Sloves to Levine, Huntley, Schmidt, Plapler & Beaver. During this time I learned the power of communication, imagery and target audience. I later started Serkes Marketing, which made me appreciate the importance of engaging audiences and forging relationships. It’s little surprise that once online marketing took off, I took after it with a zealot’s fervor.

My bona fides include marketing professorships at Temple University and Philadelphia University. I’ve appeared on CN8-TV’s Art Fennel Reports to discuss the latest trends in social media. And as a believer in offline as well as online social networking, I’m a member of Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and Beacon.

Connect with me and discover that, when it comes to mastering website design, SEO and social media marketing, there are no limits.

Work with us.
Grow your business.

We can help you create easy, effective, and economical marketing.
Let us get you on the right track so you can to reach your business goals.

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