Do You Have A Social Media Criticism Strategy?

Your Facebook and Twitter accounts are humming along. Feedback has been positive. Your customers like what you’re doing. Then it happens. A customer posts a complaint. It’s concise and polite. Frankly, you’re not sure whether he has a point [...]

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Stop Being A Loser (Of Followers)

If you're tired of being a loser (of followers) and want to be a winner, follow the advice from SumAll, a data-analytic provider. You work hard at adding new amazing content, creating an interesting profile and attracting a new following. It's not easy. [...]

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8 Disturbing Findings For Social Media Marketers

Most of us believe in social media marketing. We understand its unique ability to engage, connect and transform. We worship daily at the altars of social media marketers, HubSpot and Social Media Examiner and Jay Baer. However, I have a [...]

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How To START Your Job Search Via Social Networking

“When can you start?” It’s music to the ears of every job-seeker, from recent grads to Baby Boomers. And thanks to social networking, it’s easier than ever to find those jobs. Consider these statistics.According to a 2014 Jobvite study, [...]

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Take The Twitter Vocabulary Test

Whether you’re a surgeon, surfer or surrogate mother, you have your own jargon. Tweeters are no different like their twitter vocabulary. Some words, like hashtag or Twiends, are totally alien to anyone not using the platform. Other words, like [...]

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