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The Importance Of Branding: Part 1

What exactly is branding? And why is it important to your business? This post will answer those questions. In the next one, I’ll discuss what you need to do to successfully brand your company. Let’s start by defining the [...]

The Importance Of Branding: Part 12018-05-02T20:02:22+00:00

4 Graphics That Engage And Enlighten

In Talk Visually To Your Audience, I explained why you should include visuals in everything you post. One of the visuals mentioned is a graphic. With a photo or video, the focus is on the picture or pictures. With [...]

4 Graphics That Engage And Enlighten2018-04-24T02:37:08+00:00

Building A Buyer Persona

The first step to marketing any product is to know what you’re selling. The second step is knowing to whom you’re selling. In other words, define your target audience. Build a buyer persona. In years past, knowing your target [...]

Building A Buyer Persona2018-04-24T02:40:41+00:00

6 Tips For Writing Online Marketing Content

The Internet changed the way we write marketing content. For instance, more of us than ever now write on a daily basis, thanks to everything from texts and tweets to blogs. However, captioning a photo of your cat on [...]

6 Tips For Writing Online Marketing Content2018-04-24T02:40:00+00:00