Need Advertising Help? Rhonda Is There For You

Need Advertising Help? Rhonda Is There For You

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Her background in graphic design and passion for advertising led Rhonda Serkes to open an agency in 1998. The agency “Help Me Rhonda” should become more prominent in the next few years. “I have been really quiet about it, “Serkes said. “I feel like it is my time to start again. I feel like I’m going to fly. It’s going to be a great experience.”

Serkes opened the agency in Penn Valley after numerous freelance jobs in New York, Baltimore and Philadelphia. Diversity is the underlying theme that has created the agency’s success. Serkes employs a nationwide network of freelancers who work in specialized areas. In her opinion, these freelancers are the best in the country. “From being in the business so many years,” she said, “I just know the best people.”

The agency also deals with “a wide broad spectrum” of clientele while creating everything from advertisement to Web sites to logos for companies. Her clients have ranged from Eastern University to Life Savers candy. “All my experience helps me with all these different types of clients,” she said. Serkes stressed the importance of the relationship between agency and client. She deals with each client herself before bringing them to her freelancers.

“It makes me feel good when the work that I do really has an effect on my clients’ businesses,” she said. “My clients become my friends.”

Serkes is happy to have learned to integrate technology with traditional training in school and experience as a freelancer. “My (training) makes me concentrate more on the idea,” she said, “There’s the idea and technology just makes the idea better.”

Serkes opened her agency on the Main Line because she liked the area schools and its proximity to Philadelphia. Now her youngest son will graduate high school in the spring, the owner can put more time into her business. Over the next few years, she plans to expand.

“I am staying open to any possibilities and I feel like things will take off,” she said. “I am always recreating myself. You can’t stay stagnant anymore.” Serkes recently joined the Ardmore Rotary, an organization of area business and professional leaders, to become more connected with the Main Line.

Serkes’s passion for advertising continues to grow. “I do this because I love doing it.” She said. The owner wouldn’t mind becoming famous doing what she loves to do. But her top priority is simply to stay involved in advertising. “I’m very passionate.” Serkes said. “I’d be doing this even if I wasn’t getting paid.”

Help Me Rhonda’s diverse network of freelancers and clientele and plans for expansion guarantee she will get paid.


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