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Project Description

Furman Foods Direct Mail

Furman Foods sells tomatoes and wanted to reach their customers with direct mail. The company wanted its major customers — producers of soups, sauces, and salsas — to know it could help them formulate new products. Direct marketing postcards were needed to get the word out. When it asked Philadelphia marketing company, Serkes Marketing, for marketing ideas, we saw red. And the headline that was written “Think Outside The Can” let recipients know Furman Foods isn’t your garden-variety tomato supplier.
At Serkes Marketing, we like to be direct with clients which may explain our fondness for direct marketing. After all, it’s probably how you heard about us in the first place. Whether it’s direct mail or e-mail, our messages receive impressive response rates time and time again. Another reason we like direct (response) marketing? It’s trackable and measurable.