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Is your Bryn Mawr website standing out and at the top of search results?

At Serkes Marketing, we offer affordable and practical Bryn Mawr Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions to have your company stand out from the crowd and rise to the top of Google search.

Think about these statistics. 80% of consumers do an online search before taking action and 75% of users find what they are looking for on the first page of Google. Do you think it might be imperative for you to stand out and rise to the top of a search?

But behind every search, there is a person. So as a Bryn Mawr SEO firm, we believe that if we spend more time understanding your audience than on trying to manipulate Google, you will win.

Also, we can build you a custom website from scratch. If you want the look, function, and feel of a custom website on a budget, we have an affordable solution for that, too.

While we perform SEO, in Bryn Mawr and surrounding Philadelphia area, we help companies nationwide.


Everything starts with people. If you don’t understand your audience, then how can you give them the experience they want? We focus on your customer to discover their needs and motivations to determine how best to position your brand. You need to solve their problems. We’ll understand your audience (maybe) better than you.

So, how do people search for your brand? How do they engage with your site? We define the search experience your customer undergoes from top of the funnel to bottom. Whether it’s figuring out where they hang out online, what resources they come across, or what mix of content they prefer, we’ll map out your audience’s search experiences before defining how to impact them.



Understanding your customer’s desired experience helps us to develop content and SEO strategies to address the questions people ask by providing valuable answers. Also, we review where your website may be letting people down, either by boring content, poor user experience, or technical issues. From writing content that matters, our strategy will help ensure that every person who needs to find your business does.

Knowing which strategies to implement, we will make plans and timelines—taking goals, priorities, and industry trends into account. We don’t sit back letting SEO strategies run their course. We’re always optimizing, ensuring that our efforts are not only reaching your audience but affecting your bottom line.




We only consider SEO successful if you’re successful, and our in-depth analysis ensures success for all.

Our SEO marketing agency in Philadelphia is ready to increase your online presence. Contact us today, and we’ll get started on your campaign and create an SEO package for your business.

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