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Website Design

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Do You Need A Website?

For many businesses, the benefits of having a website is obvious. And for some businesses to function or even exist, having a website is everything. Serkes Marketing’s custom website design and development can make that web experience a remarkable one. Our web designs feature easy navigation, crisp copy, and engaging images. And our search engine optimization techniques drive traffic your way. Call us when you’re ready to turn curious visitors into solid clients.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Your website will look great on all devices; it adapts automatically to any screen size.
A responsive site creates a good user experience and improves your SEO efforts across all platforms. With a design like this, you can save lots of money, maintenance time and help you to convert and retain more clients.

What Do You Think You Want A Content Management System?

Our websites use WordPress making your site easy to manage and edit, at any time by yourself. Since WordPress is open source, it’s more secure, customizable, flexible and is overall higher quality development with less associated cost. You will be able to easily import and manage multimedia such as photos, videos, graphic, etc. No coding experience is necessary to use the CMS system. Also, it offers the most extensive list of plug-ins and widgets of any CMS.

Would You Like Hands-On Lessons?

After we design your website, we offer one to one coaching on how to use the WordPress CMS.

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