Take The Twitter Vocabulary Test

Take The Twitter Vocabulary Test

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Whether you’re a surgeon, surfer or surrogate mother, you have your own jargon. Tweeters are no different like their twitter vocabulary.

Some words, like hashtag or Twiends, are totally alien to anyone not using the platform. Other words, like favorite or trend, have been in dictionaries for ages but take on a whole new meaning in Twitter

So how up are you on your Twitter vocabulary? The Twitter Vocabulary Test should give you a pretty good idea. You’ll find the correct answers at the end of the quiz. Good luck.

  1. This hashtag refers to a Twitter user you feel others should follow.
  2. When an application wants to access your Twitter account without using your password, it needs this type of permission from you.
  3. The friends you regularly connect with on Twitter.
  4. Two letters used when posting something already posted by someone else.
  5. A three-letter word that can be used in place of #4.
  6. Also called a home stream, this is a list of your tweets.
  7. It’s the icon you click on to mark a tweet as a favorite.
  8. The term that describes when you use someone else in your tweet.
  9. Your Twitter username.
  10. When Twitter has a service interruption, this image appears. (two words)
  11. The image that appears next to your name on your profile.
  12. You do this in your settings to inform followers where you are at in real time.


  1. #FF or #FollowFriday
  2. #FF or #FollowFriday
  3. OAuth
  4. Tweeps
  5. RT
  6. Via
  7. Timeline
  8. Star
  9. Mention
  10. Handle
  11. Fail whale
  12. Avatar
  13. Geogtag or geolocate


0 – 3 correct: You do know what Twitter is, right?
4 – 6 correct: You are probably a newbie
7 – 11 correct: You know your stuff
12 correct: You are the Master of the Twitterverse

What was your score on the Twitter Vocabulary Test?

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