Why You Need Twitter

Why You Need Twitter

why you need twitter

When social media marketing started taking off a decade or so ago, I eagerly jumped onboard. It was obvious this is where cutting-edge marketing was headed.

Social media continues to grow exponentially with new platforms and new features. For marketers, the opportunities are both fascinating and imposing. There are so many social platforms to choose from and so much to learn about them.

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While I advocate all of them for different reasons, there’s one that especially intrigues me. It’s one of the most popular and powerful platforms at your disposal. And yet it’s also probably the most misunderstood and misused.


I’m a huge advocate of Twitter. Sure, I believe in Facebook and YouTube and Instagram, but Twitter is my real passion. I teach it to business executives and corporations, and I never get tired of seeing their amazed looks after experiencing what it can do. For years, many of them paid little if any attention to the platform. Some had other priorities; others felt their social media marketing efforts were sufficient. Now they’re playing catch-up.

They aren’t alone. Twitter was met with considerable resistance after its inception. Critics huffed that they didn’t care to read what so-and-so was doing at the moment, much less see what they were eating. Some saw the 140-character message limit as severely restrictive. Naysayers predicted the Twitterverse would be populated by nothing more than self-promoters and spammers.

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However, early adapters got Twitter. They saw the platform’s potential and ran with it. Today, Twitter is everywhere. Newscasts refer to tweets, live TV shows post viewer messages onscreen, and online bloggers pepper their posts with Twitter screen captures.

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So why do you need Twitter?

It’s huge. With more than 645 million active users and counting, Twitter provides you a massive, engaged and dynamic audience.

It’s socially significant. Twitter is more than a social network; it’s an information network. Newscasts post viewer tweets onscreen. Governments, sports teams and corporations turn first to Twitter to introduce policies, announce trades and feature new products. Twitter helps apprehend criminals, win contracts, elect Presidents, even save lives. In short, more than any other platform, Twitter matters.

It’s versatile. Every social media platform has its advantages. None of them combines so many benefits like Twitter. It enables you and your business to:

• network with anyone, anywhere, anytime
• communicate in real time
• connect and converse with companies and professionals
• follow thought-leaders in various industries
• stay informed about news and events in your profession
• become a thought-leader
• post videos and visuals
• build your brand

If you haven’t jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, or you have but want to learn more, stay tuned. In upcoming posts I’ll touch on the basics of Twitter and how to use them to your advantage. And if there’s a certain aspect of Twitter you want to know more about, leave me a comment and I’ll make sure to cover it.

How much do you need Twitter?

Rhonda Serkes offers one-on-one instruction and corporate seminars on the power of Twitter. Known as “The Twitter Lady” in the Philadelphia area, she is also available for online instruction. For rates and availabilities, email rhonda.serkes@serkesmarketing.com or call (610) 668-3020.


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